How To Keep Your Mood Good Before Sex

No matter how long you have dated, the mood is a factor that can make sex sweet and exciting or boring. To ensure the excellent mood before sex is significant guys should always learn how to initiate a good mood for him and his partner. This ensures sexual interest for both parties, which is a key factor in sexual satisfaction. For guys, mood usually is not much of an issue for most men but can be a challenge to some women have that guys fail to generate and keep the mood till the actual action is achieved. Below is a summary of what you can do to keep the mood right when going for sex.

Set the scene

To set the scene, it simply means you are romantic. You should know your woman and at this point do all those things that she likes most, lighting a candle looks very passionate, putting some jazzy sounds is good to prepare her mind to what you want in a short while. It is very wise to prepare some delicious light meal that is tasty to indulge her oral senses, you simply know your woman, and you should prepare something that she will enjoy and ready to appreciate.

To keep the mood you should sexualize the conversation

Sexualizing the conversation prepares her mind before you take her clothes off. You should tell her how she has a nice sexy body, how you miss her face; generally, you should discuss sexual matters which will automatically lead to her being in the good sexual mood and therefore better sex.

Buy her sexy lingerie

Buying her some out fight is not only romantic, but she will also be filing sexy when dressed in sexy lingerie that you bought her. Ladies appreciate gifts than anything else and therefore other than feeling sexy she will have a good mood as she wonders how she will appreciate the gift.

Seduce her

Seduction especially kissing and touching has an effect on the mind of a woman, after seduction, her mind is automatically filled up with sexual images, and the mood is automatically too lovely to play sex.

Look sharp

This has been a challenge to both genders as they tend to look very lovely when dating and ignore their grooming after getting into long term relationships, you should look like a gentleman and ensure that she admires you, that sharp look only will keep her mood right and steady for sex. Having a good mood for sex even before sex automatically ensures a beautiful sexual experience.

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